Our services

Our services

We provide expert witness services in the field of information and communication technologies. We also offer our customers expert and legal advice in the field of ICT, electronic communications and cybersecurity.

We provide comprehensive expert witness services in the fields of cyber, communications and transport. We focus on the assessment of information and communication technologies and systems, both enterprise systems and technologies and industrial and transport solutions.

We prepare complete case documentation, i.e. analysis of the technical or system solution presented, evaluation of the results of the analysis and answering the expert questions posed. Our services also include the preparation of documents for court filings and other official documents, cooperation in their completion, including the recommendation of the appropriate course of action. We are ready to defend all conclusions and prepared documents before a court or a government authority and provide expert explanations. 

We also prepare expert opinions for the purposes of litigation, subsidy proceedings or technological disputes in the field of information and communication technologies, both for conventional IT systems and industrial and transport solutions, including RFID solutions and transport telematics.

Expert consultancy in the field of ICT

Our many years of experience in the field of information technology and industrial systems enable us to provide our customers with highly qualified and independent advice. We don't manufacture anything and never will, which is why we can always take an objective approach to every assignment and provide a completely truthful answer. 

We help set system development strategies, including prioritising and recommending the integration of new technologies into operations. We assist during the implementation of set goals, selecting suppliers and technical solutions or opposing suppliers' proposals. In short, we are guides through the stormy waters of the ICT and industrial systems industry. 

Legal consultancy in the field of ICT

Technology and law must always go hand in hand, even if it is sometimes very challenging. One simply cannot exist without the other. Our main asset is the ability to communicate with both technicians and lawyers and to find ways and compromises leading to a common goal. 

Our services include covering tender support, defining qualification and technical requirements, assisting in the selection of contractors and drafting the technology parts of contractual arrangements. We also assist our customers during project implementation, during the acceptance process and after the project has moved into routine operation. We advise on approaches to data protection, privacy and meeting cybersecurity obligations. 

As the field of legal regulation is very large, we work with leading law firms to provide our customers with a comprehensive service that is taken care of from start to finish.

Security consultancy

Security is the interplay of many processes, measures, systems and equipment. We therefore approach security from many angles and take a holistic approach. 

We deal with the area of cyber security, particularly in the field of industrial and transport systems, from a technical perspective as well as from a process and regulatory perspective. 

We assist customers with the preparation of security strategies, the implementation of new security measures and system solutions into operation, we review the proposals of suppliers and, in cooperation with our partners, we also provide verification of the resistance of technological solutions against external influences and penetration testing.

Technology research

The development of modern technologies is very fast, so we try to keep up with current trends and participate in technology research and development. Difficult problems challenge us, we like to push things forward and strive to be innovators in our field. 

We develop the field of transport systems, electronic communications or legal regulation of industrial and transport solutions. We also focus our activities on the development of cyber security for industrial systems. 

We draw on our many years of experience in research projects and expert advice. However, we are well aware that we cannot know everything, so we work closely with experts from academia and the commercial sector on research activities to produce valuable results that can be used in practice.

Professional education

The technological world is constantly evolving, and if we want to succeed in it in the long term, we need to continually educate and improve ourselves. 

We provide our customers with complete training in modern technologies, either in our generic lectures on current topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cooperative systems, autonomous mobility or cybersecurity. However, we are able to design lectures tailored to the requirements of the customer and their employees. 

An integral part of our training services is the preparation of training materials and individual consultations with the audience of training courses.  

Complex services

We provide our clients with our long-standing know-how
and a unique combination of technologies
and law


Frequently asked questions

How much do your services cost?

The cost of our services is always calculated based on the client's brief and anticipated workload. As a standard, our services are billed by the hour with a predetermined estimated time range. We regularly submit timesheets to customers for approval and carefully justify each hour. For simpler jobs, we can also set an overall fixed price that is not to be exceeded. 

You always know in advance how much you will pay and what services you will get for that price. We are fair, we stand behind our work and we value our customers. 

How does the preparation of an expert opinion work?

We always prepare an expert report iteratively based on the client's assignment. In the initial phase, we secure data and supporting documents, usually in cooperation with the customer, who usually has them. 

We then assess these inputs, carry out the initial processing of preliminary results and verify the facts. In the final stage, we prepare the final expert report in accordance with the law and provide it to the customer in paper form in the required number of copies and also in electronic form. 


Should I choose an expert report or an expert opinion?

An expert opinion is a general statement by an expert witness in response to a submitted query by the customer, especially if there are no supporting documents to examine. 

The expert report deals with a specific technical or procedural situation that can be objectively assessed so that the procedure can be reviewed and the questions raised by the contracting authority can be answered. 

We will always recommend an appropriate strategy based on the client's requirements and the availability of supporting materials that could be examined so that our results are maximally applicable to the case at hand.

What about confidentiality and confidentiality of customer data?

Our customers' information is sacred to us, almost like a confessional secret. We don't talk about our customers and their cases anywhere, we keep the information confidential and confidential.

Although forensic experts have confidentiality obligations under the law, beyond these obligations we normally enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our customers. 

The data provided is secured against theft or misuse and is archived only for as long as necessary. Once the data is no longer required, it is securely destroyed. 

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